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21st Century Solutions to Today's Problems

Additive Manufacturing

Advanced Material Science

3-D Textile Reinforced Composites

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Response Technologies, LLC is an award-winning material science and engineering company dedicated to the design, development, manufacture and distribution of disruptive composite solutions that tackle today’s most complex challenges.  At Response Technologies, LLC, we utilize cutting-edge additive manufacturing to develop advanced materials like elastomers, plastics, coatings, foams, textiles, fibers, and more.  Our 3-D textile reinforced composites offer:

  • No Seams

  • Less Waste

  • More Material Options

  • Increased Strength and Performance Where Needed

  • Extreme light weighting

  • Reduced total ownership costs

  • Improved survivability

  • Capability to embed functionality sensors and actuators

  • Ability to rapidly develop and produce new designs


Over it's 5 year history Response Technologies has proven to be a reliable partner --  earning $12 million in contracts with a 100% win rate.

Duns:   07-9804434

CAGE Code:  7CYJ9   

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Crash Worthy 
Self-Sealing Fuel Cells 

Response Technologies ushers in a new era of fuel safety with fuel cells that delivers crash worthy, self-sealing and ballistically tolerant fuel cells for Future Vertical Lift (FVL), Future Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA), legacy military rotor craft, and ground vehicles.

Military Aircraft
Dynamic Self-Sealing Polymer

Our advanced blend of elastomeric polymers and additives self-heal when punctured, improving aircraft and aircrew safety through greater ballistic protection and reduced weight.

Explosion Suppression Foam

We take fuel safety to the next level with with explosion suppression foam that provides dramatic weight and fuel capacity improvement.



Consumer Products
Automotive & Transportation



Response Technologies, LLC is dedicated to serving the material science and additive manufacturing needs of the national defense, energy, aerospace, automotive & transportation, and consumer product industries. If you have any questions about our services, please fill out the short form below:

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Our Location

Response Technologies, LLC operates a 60,000+ square foot facility near Providence, RI with extensive analytical, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities to meet the demands of our growing clientele.


537 Main Street

Coventry, RI 02816

(401) 271-3331


If you’re interested in starting an exciting new career with our innovative organization, check out our available positions on our Careers page.

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