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Response Technology a finalist at Mass Challenge 2015:

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Our process is solvent free and reduces waste and transportation costs and fuel.

Startup Costs

Response Technologies process reduces the cost of current explosion resistant fuel tanks to the cost of traditional stamped and welded aluminum.

Cost Effective


to the future of fuel tanks


Response Technologies brings the explosion resistant fuel tank solution used in professional auto racing and aerospace to the mass passenger and commercial automotive market.

Innovate RI Fund
Response Technologies is awarded SBIR Phase I matching grant.

RI Business Plan Competition
Response Technologies is the winner of the 2016 RI Business Plan Competition

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With bio-fuel blends, many current explosion resistant fuel tanks only last five to seven years, Response Technologies combines advanced chemistries to last greater than 15 years.

Long Life

Response Technologies process is highly scalable with a low cost of capital while allowing rapid prototyping without the expense of machined tools and dies.


DoD Phase II Award
Response Technologies has been awarded nearly $1.5M for the SBIR Program from the Department of Defense - Defense Logistics Agency to reduce total ownership costs of crash worthy fuel tanks.

SBIR Grants
Response Technologies awarded a Department of Defense SBIR grant for lighter weight explosion resistant fuel tanks.

Response Technologies

Sikorsky Innovation Challenge
Response Technologies is awarded Honorable Mention @ 6th Annual Sikorsky Innovation Challenge

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   Explosion Resistant Fuel Tanks