• Up to 50% lower cost

• Up to 30% weight reduction

• 2X Service life

• Low minimum order quantities

• Lead time reduced to days

• Greater design options

Lean Operations

Additive Manufacturing

Using less material for seaming requires less labor and avoids the hazard of human error.

Our Value Proposition

No overlap or welding from seams that will cause unnecessary weight.

Dissimilar chemistry can be used.  Universal fuel resistance on the inside with superior exterior environment.

Removes possibility of failure resulting from wicking, variation, and workmanship. 

Reduces Cost


​ Seamless Bladders with Universal Fuel Compatibility 

Response Technologies patent pending vertically integrated process fits in under 10,000 sqft at a fraction of the cost of current methods.

Reduced lead times, batch sizes, tooling costs and engineering changes.

Response Technologies' Solution

​​​​Response Technologies

Proprietary anti-wick feedstock is used to create a strong structure that meets the requirements while reducing over-engineered weight.  

Universal Fuel Resistance

Our solution affords dissimilar chemistry families on inside and outside.

Eliminates Seam Failure

Material Science

Reduces Weight

Low Capital Investment